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Lodeh tahu frozen mix vegetable. Sayur lodeh is Indonesian vegetable stew in coconut milk. Like its cousin, sayur asem, sayur lodeh has no fixed rules on which vegetables to use. As long as you have the ingredients to prepare the spiced coconut milk broth, you can create your own version of lodeh from an assortment of.

Lodeh tahu frozen mix vegetable Cheap easy and healthy Indonesian recipe, eggs as replacement of tofu, should be green vegetables but these are the one I have on hand. Lontong Sayur Lodeh/Mix Vegetable in Coconut Broth. Diah Didi's Kitchen: Lontong Tahu Gimbal Udang. You can have Lodeh tahu frozen mix vegetable using 9 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Komposisi Bahan Lodeh tahu frozen mix vegetable

  1. Perlengkapan Bahan 2 potong of tahu potong dadu.
  2. Persiapan Bahan secukupnya of Frozen mix vegetable.
  3. Bahab Bahan 1 siung of bawang putih geprek cincang halus.
  4. Perlengkapan Bahan 1 siung of bawang merah iris.
  5. Bahab Bahan 1 of cabe keriting.
  6. Persiapan Bahan Secukupnya of ketumbar.
  7. Persiapan Bahan of Kaldu.
  8. Persiapan Bahan of Santan.
  9. Bahab Bahan of Air.

Since my neighbour gave me a block of lontong yesterday, I have decided to pair it with sayur lodeh or mixed vegetable curry soup to pair with it. Sayur Lodeh. (Indonesian vegetables in coconut curry). You can substitute other vegetables if you like. Just add the sturdier, longer-cooking vegetables first and the more delicate vegetables in the second simmering.

Lodeh tahu frozen mix vegetable Cara Pembuatan

  1. Rebus tahu sebentar.
  2. Tumis duo bawang, cabe, ketumbar hingga harum.
  3. Masukan tahu, air secukupnya dan mix vegetable.
  4. Apabila uda mateng, cek rasa tambahin kaldu.
  5. Terakhir matikan Kompor, masukan santan. Aduk hingga tercampur.

Source high quality frozen mix vegetable from our great selection of. Frozen vegetable mix – download this royalty free Stock Photo in seconds. Vegetables need to be fully cooked. Keep frozen until ready to prepare. Massage bag to evenly distribute vegetables.

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